Get on Your Knees and Pay!!!!

I am a deviant Goddess that stands 5’19” barefoot and over 6’ in heels. I have incredibly long legs, a shapely ass and I wear size 11 shoes. I am an intelligent, creative Domina who can take you to places that you have only imagined.

You lust to serve a woman with my beauty and just because the economy is bad right now ,there is no excuse why you cannot serve. I have a handful of tips on how you can continue to serve and make me happy. You will learn what you can and should be doing, How you can have more money to give your Goddess Tiffany.


Learn the sacrifices you need to make.

You have a profound core desire to hand over all your financials to the woman you wish to serve. You get an instant erection, handing away your money to your Mistress so that she can use it for her own fabulous lifestyle. All this describes you quite well indeed. Now I need you to contact me immediately for your session! Live Professional Counseling and Therapy For Humiliated Cuckolds, Sissy Boys and Financial Slaves So what are you waiting for...bend over and take it like a man!!!